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About A-1 Performance Inc

A-1 Performance Inc. not only supports the locals of Washington by providing exceptional Maintenance and Janitorial care, but we also contribute by participating in the local parade and continuing to support Sustainable Practices to keep Washington beautiful!. We appreciate all you do to support A-1 Performance Inc and we know you support us too!

Come out and visit us at the Hoquiam Loggers Play Day Parade or feel free to read more about how we continue to support Sustainable Practices!
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Sustainable Practices

Here is what we are doing to achieve our goal of becoming a more sustainable company
Office Products
  • Set up a reusable supply area for staff
  • Buy rebuilt, remanufactured, or refurbished products, such as recycled toner cartridges, refurbished office furniture and refurbished / rebuilt computers
  • Buy refillable pens, pencils, and tape dispensers
  • Reuse file folders, binders, and other office supplies
Cleaning / Janitorial
  • Buy multiple use cleaning and maintenance products
  • Find multiple uses for an item
  • Use efficient, low mercury fluorescent lamps
  • Choose repairable, refillable, durable products
  • Shred, recycle and reduce waste
  • Conserve and reduce our water usage
  • Purchase products in reusable, refillable, or returnable containers
  • Require packaging materials to be recycled and recyclable
Food Service
  • Buy reusable lunchroom dishware. Reusable dishes are often cost-effective over the long term compared to disposable

Hoquiam Loggers Play Day Parade

We didn't get too fancy with our truck or trailer, but we made up for that with the two gals we had passing out candy and business cards. Kiersten and Maranda work in our office in Aberdeen and volunteered to dress up in French maid costumes and be a part of the parade. I must say, it was the best fun I have had in a long time.

Next year we plan to put together a bigger and better display. With Kiersten and Maranda being such a big hit, hopefully they will be around for the parade next year.

Please come join us in the fun and festivities. If you have any suggestions or ideas for us, please let us know. Any ideas for specials will be appreciated!
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